The Bhongolethu Foundation is a community development non-profit organisation that delivers progressive programmes in early childhood development, quality primary schooling, and adult education. They support and expand on these objectives with supporting programmes in access to nutrition, recreation, health, child safety, gender equality and healthcare.

They are working hard at expanding and building schools and your donation will help them to extend their programmes to even more children and their families.

The mission

Since their inception in 2015, Bhongolethu has extended their offering and expanded to accept more children of different age groups. The original class of Bhongolethu, who were just 3 – 4 years old when the school was built, are now in Grade 5 and a new classroom and resources are required to see them through Grade 6 in 2024. Having used all their available building space, the school is looking for a container classroom to add to the grounds and accommodate the children in their educational development.

What they need

Container classroom and teaching resources for new Grade 6 class to start Jan/Feb 2024


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