The Okoa Fund

Our mission is to provide, preserve and protect through campaigns that champion change.

Who we are

We are a close-knit team of environmentalists and campaigners with a passion for conservation in Africa, as well as on a global scale. We have extensive experience in the tourism industry and have witnessed the powerful effects of transformative travel on rural communities and the environment first-hand. This was particularly prevalent during the global pandemic as the world became increasingly aware of its impact and unified in the desire for transformation.

The OKOA Fund was born as a foundation to strengthen this desire and work together to combat the challenges faced by nature and communities in Africa and beyond. Our mission is to strengthen this global movement by creating a reliable platform to provide, preserve and protect through campaigns that champion change.

What we do

Our team is currently volunteering their time and resources to connect with conservation organizations to raise funds and spread awareness on their behalf. Providing these organizations with much-needed assistance to continue their positive work, we aim to strongly impact sustainability efforts across a wide range of projects. Through our carefully vetted network of reputable NGOs, we provide a safe and transparent platform for fundraising where donations are distributed into the right hands to ensure a deep-rooted and positive impact is created.

Our long-term goal is to become a fully operational NGO with all hands on deck here in Africa and around the world to campaign and fight for people, animals and habitat preservation.